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Needle Less Injections

WOW!!! No Needle to inject fillers!

If you’re considering cosmetic injections but a fear of needles is holding you back, there is a solution for you.

For over 95% of filler injections, Dr. Shafa uses only micro cannula. She was a pioneer in the use of micro-cannula when they were first introduced to the market.

Experience less discomfort, less bruising with your dermal filler injection.

What is a Micro-Cannula?


Micro cannulas are just like a very thin, tiny, flexible hallow wire with a blunt rounded tip. This eliminates the small needle injuries to the underlying tissue.

What is the benefit of cannula use?

There is no sharp tip!!
Micro cannula significantly decreases the chance of bruising, discomfort, soft tissue trauma and swelling after injection. Most importantly it bypasses injection into the vascular compared with the needle use, therefore it a safer technique to inject fillers

What can be injected with Cannula?

Nearly all type of fillers with the exception of Sculptra Dr. Shafa uses cannula for injection of the following fillers:

Restylane silk

Festyane Lyft

Restalyne L

Restylane Define

Restylane Defyne

Juvederm XC

Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Vollure

Juvederm Voluma


Fillers can be placed into the skin by this smooth-tipped micro-cannula that makes the procedure comfortable with the least potential for bruising and swelling.

How can Cannula enter the skin with no sharp tip?

Instead of multiple needle stich into the skin, Dr. Shafa introduces the cannula into the skin through a single entry point, the same opening that was previously used to numb the skin. You will feel absolutely no stick or discomfort. In order to avoid reinsertion of the cannula, Dr. Dr. Dr. Shafa uses a fanning technique to deliver the product to the desired area.

Natural smooth result with use of cannula!!

As opposed to the needle pushing the filler through an open end, Micro-cannula has a smooth blunt closed round tip with a small opening on the side of the tip of the cannula. This opening provides a smoother delivery of the product to allow the filler to flow very smooth and even into the tissue.

No bruising guaranteed?

Per Dr. Shafa’s experience, there are multiple factors that define the risk of bruising:

  • Definitely the experience and injection technique of the injector plays a very big role in chance of bruising, swelling and discomfort
  • Use of cannula dramatically decreases the chance of bruising and associated symptoms
  • Location of the injection
  • Depth of the injection
  • Skin thickness and age of the patient
  • Use of blood thinner prior to you procedure increases bruising. Make sure you consult your doctor if blood thinners as prescribed. Anyone taking Aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E, fish oil and more increases the risk of the bleeding.

Discover the difference of micro-cannula use in the precise hands of an experienced physician by calling Dr. Shafa’s office at (949) 551-1113

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