Mole Removal with Dr. Parvin Shafa, Irvine

Mole removal with Dr. Parvin Shafa

Dr. Parvin Shafa is among the few qualified dermatologists in Orange County with extensive experience in Mole Removal. She has over 25+ years experience in performing Mole Removal procedures. If you are concerned about your mole just call us and make an appointment we accept all PPO’s insurances and medicare to evaluate your mole from a medical standpoint and perform a biopsy or excise your mole if needed.

If you don’t like your mole, just call us for a complimentary cosmetic mole evaluation to be informed about all possible treatment options with expected outcome for your specific case.

Mole removal Before and after

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Types of Moles

How moles are removed?

It all depends of size and depth of the mole into the skin, location, and type of mole and patients expectation with the final cosmetic outcome. The options for cosmetic mole removal are as followed:

1) Cautery and laser mole removal

Moles that are made of vascular can just be cauterized or treated with laser. Heat from laser or cautery shrinks the vasculature and creates a small wound in the area. Subsequently skin goes through wound healing and the area heals with hopefully small scar tissue. The area after treatment develops a scab that it going to fall off after one to two weeks. Skin at the scab area can look slightly pinkish that it usually fades to skin color over a few months.

2) Mole shaving

This method is used if the mole is sitting above skin level. The procedure is shaving the mole off of the skin. Than the site of shaving is going to be cauterized or a solution is applied to the skin to stop the bleeding. Both method creates a fake scab that covers the area of mole removal and this allows wound healing under the fake scab. The removed tissue can be send to pathologist for final confirmed diagnosis.

3) Punch Biopsy

This is a technique, using a special device to “punch out” a cylinder-shaped peace of skin. This method is used for removal of suspicious mole when we need deep tissue under the mole for study to role out cancer cells in the mole. It is usually used for area in the body that you don’t care about scar. The area can be closed with one or two stitches or left alone to close by itself.

4) Mole excision

This method is used when a mole is deep in the skin or if we are suspicious of skin cancer where I need a good size and thick tissue for pathologist to evaluate a mole under microscope. The area is going to be completely numbed and the mole is going to be cut out in a eye shape with some of the skin around it. Than the area is going to be closed with stitches.

5) Natural Mole removal:

There are a variety of natural mole removal cream and paste on the market. Most of these products contain Blood-root, a herb in the field of alternative medicine as a method of natural mole removal. This is the most non-sense claims that with applying this cream mole will turn brown and fall off because moles are usually deep in the skin and it can not “fall off”. I highly advise you to never use such an option because no doubt that your mole is not going to “fall off”. More important a mole needs to be evaluated and may be biopsied by a physician before it is destroyed.

how long do moles take to heal?

It depends on many factors such as location and size of the mole and method used to remove a mole. In general it takes a week of two. If there is a residual pinkish mark it can take up to six month to fade. Result may vary and Dr. Shafa will tell you what to expect with healing process in your individual case.

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